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Raw Truth:

Stories of Female Infidelity

Human lives follow many paths. Presenting twists and turns and choices never planned, never expected.  Temptation, anger, depression and loneliness all can lead a person to do something they can't take back.  Facing judgment and isolation, a person can feel very alone. These are the voices of women who have chosen to cheat on their spouses or partners. 


This is RAW TRUTH... Stories of Female Infidelity.

Well....its really the same, just changing the name and the release day. To better streamline my schedule, I decided I wanted to move the episode to Sunday, but calling it Mid-Week Ponder would be really odd! The last day of Mid-Week Ponder for the year is November 18, 2020. Let's Ponder will stream in January 2021. It will be every other Sunday, opposite of the Raw Truth: Stories of Female Infidelity episodes.

Same content...taboo and controversial subjects, author interviews with regard to infidelity issues, or even fun things like when I survey my followers or groups for ideas and their comments regarding a specific question. In the past, we have talked about what is the interest with an older woman and younger man, being catfished and what is missing from your relationship that you wished you could get back.

In 2021, I have some great topics and interviews lined up such as an author who wrote a book about his wife's infidelity, a licensed counselor who work with men who are addicted to porn and cheating, and the story of a man who lost his affair partner- girlfriend and wife in a murder-suicide.

Do you have topics you are interested in? What is your general thought about infidelity? Send me your suggestions to my email, rebecca.rawtruth@gmail.com.

No Judgment.....Rebecca

Updated: Sep 11

I am currently taking the proper measures building my business plan. I will be posting updates once my practice is ready to begin accepting clients as well as more detail about how I work with women and men affected by female infidelity.

Previous post:

Well that is my plan! When starting this podcast, I felt I could help women who have been unfaithful have a place to turn to. Not to condone and cheer them on, but to have someone who won't judge and will listen and understand. It can be a very lonely place to be. In your mind you know what you are doing is completely wrong. You may ask yourself why you can't stop? The constant distraction in your mind about your affair partner, the constant panic and worry about being caught. The excitement it brings with the newness of the affair as perhaps you a person feels that their current relationship has gone stale and this "other" person makes you feel like you once did. So many emotions, that one has to keep to themselves. So, a person on the outside may say...well if you know its wrong then don't do it. So much easier said than done.

Looking in, its always easier to tell people to say this, or do that...but when it comes down to it, every circumstance is different and its not a black and white situation. What about an alcoholic? They are very addicted to it...for someone to say...just stop. You know its wrong. Just don't do it! We know that is NOT how it works. People with any sort of an addiction, or dependency (and infidelity cases...the feeling, energy, lust from the affair partner) needs to have someone or others to help through the challenges facing them with acknowledging the problem, learning how to cope, avoid being pulled back in, talk to someone when feeling weak, celebrating their accomplishment etc.

For infidelity, many women (and men) have told NO one so they are going through this alone which adds to confusion. Everyday in life, things come up and we tend to bounce things off of others. Now imagine struggling with your decisions and having no one to talk to for fear of judgment or them turning on you and telling your spouse or partner. Yes, one can say, well you shouldn't have put yourself in that situation to begin with, and yes, I agree to a point. However, people don't usually go into marriages with the plans for all of a sudden being attracted and pulled emotionally or sexually to another person. Most of the time, I hear, I was so against cheating people, I can't believe I am doing it myself. It can be easy to slip if a person is in a vulnerable place and someone happens to walk into their lives unexpectedly. Once you cross that line though, there is no going back. At that point, when the line is crossed, it opens up a whole other issue. Getting caught! A person is free to make choices in life that they want, but they have to face consequences based on their choices. Good or bad choice will equate to good or bad consequences.

As a podcaster and woman who was unfaithful to my now ex-husband, I can only do so much. I wish at times I could reach out and hug these people! I just want to help, but I also know I need training for circumstance I may not be fully aware of. Earlier this year, I began researching on becoming a therapist but knowing I probably do not have the time and resources to start such a huge program....so it stalled out...but still stayed on my mind. That is until I received a message from a man who had been working through his wife's infidelity and a messy custody battle and divorce. He had just seen a divorce coach and told me that I would be a good coach for infidelity. I was blown away for two reasons. One being that I had not even heard nor thought of that and the second that what I was doing to help others was being noticed and complimented.

After researching, I found the perfect program. I am so thankful to be able to start this study and take this all a step further.

Of course, this will now become a business and will have to take the steps for assuring I have all my ducks in a row before accepting clients. I hope to someday, continue helping people all over the world (thanks to the internet and virtual meetings) and be able to leave my 31 years in dentistry. That means, I will get to charge for my time.

I will keep everyone posted and will eventually add my services to my website! If its meant to be, it will happen! I love doing the podcast, narrating and producing audio books for authors and now the opportunity to help others in a more, educated way!



Well, his books are considered erotica, he has mixed in some infidelity, and his main character Jessica is based off of a relationship from his past. That is what Patterson said in his interview on the Sept 9, 2020 Mid-Week Ponder episode on the Podcast. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?!

A soft spoken young man from the south, ML was raised in a very conservative family. Don't be alarmed by the sound of his voice, as he chose to mask his voice so his family doesn't run across the interview. At this point, he has decided not to share with his parents about his writings.

With the release of his 3rd installment ins his "The Taste of" series and the 4th releasing in December of 2020, you are sure to fall in love with his characters, perfectionism in his writing and leave you looking for the next release. Click HERE to stream the episode or listen where ever you get your podcasts.

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I listened to you read my story and it was surreal.  I've heard you talk about so many other people's situations that it was strange to hear you do my story.  You handled everything wonderfully.  When I was going through all of this stuff a decade ago, I never would have imagined one day I would ever be sharing my story with anybody.  I was so embarrassed by everything.  I feel like I have come full circle now that my story is hopefully helping other people, including both men and women.  Thank you for what you do and for all the lives you are helping.  This isn't an easy topic for anybody to talk about and you do so with such grace and kindness.  I'm glad I found your podcast and I'm glad I was able to contribute.


I also was so incredibly saddened to hear about your recent tragic loss.  I don't know you but having listened to you for so long I feel like we are real friends.  I was completely heartbroken and you are in my prayers.  I know everyone says that but you really are.



 Freddy -  Story shared on Patreon and Patreon Subscriber

I started listening to your podcast in May 2020 when I suspected my wife was having an affair. Between then and now it has become clear to me that she was, up until the end of July 2020, when she broke it off. I am so grateful to you and your contributants that I was able to see and understand how our relationship got to the stage that she needed to seek emotional and sexual fulfilment elsewhere, and what that means for the woman, my wife, herself: we are working on our marriage (not just for our three children) and hope to stay together, but I'm not sure that I would have had the necessary levels of understanding and acceptance to do that without your podcast, your insights, and those of your contributors.


I have been keeping you in my thoughts during your time grieving the loss of your husband, and I pray that you are able to remember him with joy and move forward in your life. 


Thank you again, and if God's for you, may God bless you. 


Hi! I can't say enough how much I love your show! I don't understand how you don't have more subscribers to Patreon. Coming in I just knew you would have at least 10k subscribers. To know I was in the first 50 makes me feel special because the normal listeners don't know what they are missing. The content is so addicting that the $3/month you request doesn't feel like a good deal but a giveaway. I have many questions for you but my main one at this time is if you had more patreon subscribers would that allow you to play more episodes weekly? I know you mention a lot goes into these stories and sometimes you present the story 5 months after it was submitted but can we get an extra episode a week lol? All jokes aside I wanted to let you know I am a huge fan and am excited for what this podcast has to offer in the future. My condolences go out to you as well for the loss of your husband. I hope you stay safe and best of luck to you and your family. 

From a patreon subscriber

I recently started listening to your podcast and it has been really cathartic for me. 

I have recently started writing a memoir to help me get some of my memories out of my head and on paper and I've realized a few things about myself. 


One thing I have discovered is how much I have cheated. 

I have also only ever been in unhappy relationships until I met my husband.


Your story stuck with me because I was in a long term relationship with my high school sweetheart after we started dating again in our twenties and when he moved away for school we began a long distance relationship.


Writing this out makes me nervous but it has also helped me to confess even if no one hears.


If you want to talk more l am happy to share. (this was edited down for testimonial purposes)