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Stories of Female Infidelity

Human lives follow many paths. Presenting twists and turns and choices never planned, never expected.  Temptation, anger, depression and loneliness all can lead a person to do something they can't take back.  Facing judgment and isolation, a person can feel very alone. These are the voices of women who have chosen to cheat on their spouses or partners. 


This is RAW TRUTH... Stories of Female Infidelity.

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Its funny how just sending a message to another podcast with the intent to just thank them for following your podcast on Instagram can lead to working with amazing people.

That is what happened. As a person who is a creator and host of her own show, those of us in the podcasting world do what we can to support and promote other shows. We are all struggling to make a difference and have our message heard around the world via many different podcast and social media platforms. That is where I came across the podcast National Day Riff. I sent them a brief thank you and we chatted about our shows. Nick Pasqual, an actor, know for various TV and movie roles, including a guest spot on the series "How I Met Your Mother" is the guy in charge of social media. He is one of 4 main character actors for the Podcast National Day Riff and is the producer of the podcast. He told me that I should check out their show because it is a slight politically-incorrect, tastefully-inappropriate riff on what we celebrate through the year as sketch comedy podcast. I explained how I am the nut in the movie theater that tends to get the overtone humor in a movie before anyone else does to which I burst out in a full belly laugh, which then makes the audience laugh as they turn around and stare at me, whilst my husband slinks down as far as possible in his seat embarrassed by people turning around.

Immediately I subscribed and binge listened to their show. Man oh man...the things most of us think but rarely say is what the crew of this podcast brings out! I couldn't get enough. I laughed many times....the Thanksgiving episode is my favorite so far! I was surprised at how short these episodes were...5- 8 min long. Hmm, I thought, these are short! But, as I listened to what kind of content, the voices, the energy, the content, sound effects...to the point where you can actually SEE what they are saying in your mind completely made me understand that the amount of time put into this podcast makes sense why they are short. I come from the world of 30-90 min podcast episodes with hosts like myself, that ramble on from time to time.

Well, after complementing these guys about their show and sharing that I absolutely loved every episode and dying was for more, they were kind enough to offer to create a commercial for me. We decided we would cross promote. I would run a commercial on my podcast and vice versa. Sounds good, right?? BUT THEN......the man who does the writing, editing...all that, Sean Michael Beyer - also know for his movies and shows as a writer, actor, director, voice over...and many more credits, found in his national day research, that there is an actual "National Cheater Day"...no, not necessarily infidelity, but all forms of cheating. Not sure if that is really something to "celebrate" but, the guys at National Day Riff took it and RAN with it! Yep, they wrote a 2 part episode based on "National Cheater Day"...and focuses the episode on infidelity, in fact, that is the name of the episode itself, "Infidelity". Add in that I was working on my Ashley Madison interview episode, this was all coming together in a neat little package.

They wrote boring ol' me into the 2nd part of the episode as the marriage therapist for their main character Randy and Sandy who were dealing with infidelity concerns. Part 1 of "Infidelity" streamed on 8/18/20 and the 2nd half streams 8/25/20. I am looking forward to Part 2 as that is where I come in! Of course, I have no acting experience, unless you count the play I did as an 8th grader. Um no, I don't think that truly counts as I sucked! BUT, I do have vocal experience...years of singing in a band from being a kid to an adult, the podcast and my narration and producing of audio books. I am definitely no stranger to being comfortable behind the mic.

I really have enjoyed my time working and connecting with this group of amazing people. I was introduced to some of their TV/Movie work as well. One movie I recently watched on Amazon Prime, is called "Randy's Canvas" - which stars Adam Carbone - who is the "voice of reason" in the NDR podcast and even Sean Michael Beyer is in it. He also directed and was one of the writers of the film. I stood in one place and just stared at the TV. It is a good heartwarming film about a young autistic man trying to fit in to society with love, art and day to day life. I recommend checking it out. I cried...sorry, it has some definite scenes where crying is allowed!

Shortly afterward, I was contacted by "Plum Forest Podcast" to do a voice over for one of their episodes. Of course, I happily obliged. I play a character named Sharon who is a real bitchy teenager. This episode which is named "The Ridge" will stream 9/2/20. I found out the host is actually from my area, so it was neat to work with someone close to home!

Below are links to both of these podcasts. This way, you can easily subscribe to the shows and listen for the episodes that "yours truly" will be a part of, by just a simple click of the mouse. Please support them (and me) by checking them out.

National Day Riff

Hosted by Sean Michael Beyer and starring the voices of Nick Pasqual, Adam Carbone, and Angela Hicks.


Social Media: @nationaldayriff

Plum Forest Podcast





On August 8, 2020, my interview with Ashley Madison will be released. I was contacted by their media department stating they wanted to put Paul Keable, the Chief Strategy Office of the company to talk about what their website is about. Because of my podcast, they felt I would be a good source to share their information.

I was extremely flattered that they would ask ME, with my little podcast to interview them. But, I was on the fence because I didn't want to come across as though I am condoning affairs and promoting their company.

After some thinking and talking with others, I decided to go for it. I decided because I know that not only myself most people have that natural sense of curiosity. The what, why, how, who..... So I asked the questions and Paul Keable was very open about their business. He brought up many points, and helped me learn and understand more than I thought I would.

Be sure you subscribe to the podcast where you get your podcasts! Or sign up for Patreon, my premium subscription that give you bonus episodes, early access to regular episodes, and bloopers!

Also in recent weeks, I have started teaming up with the guys of the podcast National Day Riff. They have their hilarious promo advertisement in this episode, but please check them out!

National Day Riff A politically-incorrect, tastefully-inappropriate sketch comedy podcast.

Available wherever you get your podcast fix.




Yes, that is just what it is I do. This is a controversial subject- taboo, if you will. Though infidelity has been around as long as sex has, people, men and women a like are capable of being unfaithful.

I cheated on my ex-husband for several years with multiple men. So much damage was created due to my choices and actions. The collateral damage affected my children and my reputation, let alone what my ex-husband had to endure learning of my deception was the worst thing that I had to take on in my life. It has taken years for us to be on decent terms. It is something that never goes away when it affects so many. I became accountable and took my consequences as they were handed to me one at a time. It hasn’t been an easy road for me, but I have since recovered and have no intent to ever go down that road again.

People often hear about men screwing around on their wives. Yes, its statistically more common, and it is also overlooked a bit. One never heard of a MAN having to wear a “Scarlet Letter” or being stoned to death for adultery. That only seems to happen to the women in the marriage. As well as names such as whore, bitch, slut...

So lets talk about this - OPENLY! Let’s learn more about why women have chosen to be unfaithful in their marriage or relationships. Lets hear what women say led them to the road of infidelity. Everyone has their own story and reasons for what they did, or are currently doing. Its out there whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Call it blasphemy, or call us Jezebels, but is it right to judge someone when you don’t know them or the facts? Didn’t Jesus preach, those who are without sin throw the first stone? As a Christian who did indeed lose her way on multiple occasions, I will stand here and admit my faults but ask those of you to listen to reasons why.

The podcast doesn’t just stop with women's stories, but we look at how the affair affected the men side, by way of the mans point of view. We also delve into what it is like to be the “other woman” or “other man” in an affair, when the person you are involved with is in a committed relationship with someone else and how these people feel being in this position. We also hear stories of men who cheated and their feelings about what they did. Many people think that affairs will be all hot and life goes on like nothing happens, but here, you learn the fact, the hard RAW TRUTH and will hopefully come to an understanding that even though infidelity is wrong, people find themselves mixed up in it. Emotions of the heart are stronger than the reasoning in someones brain (in my opinion). One knows they shouldn't but can’t stop either.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe today for free. To hear stories from the other partners point of view, visit my website at www.rawtruthstoriesofffemaleinfidelity.com and subscribe as a patron on Patreon. Access to these extra episodes and early access to the regular episodes are available for $3/mo pledge (plus applicable tax).

I am always accepting new stories, so email to rebecca.rawtruth@gmail.com and know you will not by judged by me, and you will remain anonymous.

Follow me on facebook, twitter @rawfemale, instagram at podcastrawtruth.

Rebecca Adams - Creator and host of Raw Truth: Stories of Female Infidelity

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I listened to you read my story and it was surreal.  I've heard you talk about so many other people's situations that it was strange to hear you do my story.  You handled everything wonderfully.  When I was going through all of this stuff a decade ago, I never would have imagined one day I would ever be sharing my story with anybody.  I was so embarrassed by everything.  I feel like I have come full circle now that my story is hopefully helping other people, including both men and women.  Thank you for what you do and for all the lives you are helping.  This isn't an easy topic for anybody to talk about and you do so with such grace and kindness.  I'm glad I found your podcast and I'm glad I was able to contribute.


I also was so incredibly saddened to hear about your recent tragic loss.  I don't know you but having listened to you for so long I feel like we are real friends.  I was completely heartbroken and you are in my prayers.  I know everyone says that but you really are.



 Freddy -  Story shared on Patreon and Patreon Subscriber

I started listening to your podcast in May 2020 when I suspected my wife was having an affair. Between then and now it has become clear to me that she was, up until the end of July 2020, when she broke it off. I am so grateful to you and your contributants that I was able to see and understand how our relationship got to the stage that she needed to seek emotional and sexual fulfilment elsewhere, and what that means for the woman, my wife, herself: we are working on our marriage (not just for our three children) and hope to stay together, but I'm not sure that I would have had the necessary levels of understanding and acceptance to do that without your podcast, your insights, and those of your contributors.


I have been keeping you in my thoughts during your time grieving the loss of your husband, and I pray that you are able to remember him with joy and move forward in your life. 


Thank you again, and if God's for you, may God bless you. 


Hi! I can't say enough how much I love your show! I don't understand how you don't have more subscribers to Patreon. Coming in I just knew you would have at least 10k subscribers. To know I was in the first 50 makes me feel special because the normal listeners don't know what they are missing. The content is so addicting that the $3/month you request doesn't feel like a good deal but a giveaway. I have many questions for you but my main one at this time is if you had more patreon subscribers would that allow you to play more episodes weekly? I know you mention a lot goes into these stories and sometimes you present the story 5 months after it was submitted but can we get an extra episode a week lol? All jokes aside I wanted to let you know I am a huge fan and am excited for what this podcast has to offer in the future. My condolences go out to you as well for the loss of your husband. I hope you stay safe and best of luck to you and your family. 

From a patreon subscriber

I recently started listening to your podcast and it has been really cathartic for me. 

I have recently started writing a memoir to help me get some of my memories out of my head and on paper and I've realized a few things about myself. 


One thing I have discovered is how much I have cheated. 

I have also only ever been in unhappy relationships until I met my husband.


Your story stuck with me because I was in a long term relationship with my high school sweetheart after we started dating again in our twenties and when he moved away for school we began a long distance relationship.


Writing this out makes me nervous but it has also helped me to confess even if no one hears.


If you want to talk more l am happy to share. (this was edited down for testimonial purposes)