Goodbye "Mid-Week Ponder"...Hello "Let's Ponder"

Well....its really the same, just changing the name and the release day. To better streamline my schedule, I decided I wanted to move the episode to Sunday, but calling it Mid-Week Ponder would be really odd! The last day of Mid-Week Ponder for the year is November 18, 2020. Let's Ponder will stream in January 2021. It will be every other Sunday, opposite of the Raw Truth: Stories of Female Infidelity episodes.

Same content...taboo and controversial subjects, author interviews with regard to infidelity issues, or even fun things like when I survey my followers or groups for ideas and their comments regarding a specific question. In the past, we have talked about what is the interest with an older woman and younger man, being catfished and what is missing from your relationship that you wished you could get back.

In 2021, I have some great topics and interviews lined up such as an author who wrote a book about his wife's infidelity, a licensed counselor who work with men who are addicted to porn and cheating, and the story of a man who lost his affair partner- girlfriend and wife in a murder-suicide.

Do you have topics you are interested in? What is your general thought about infidelity? Send me your suggestions to my email,

No Judgment.....Rebecca

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