Mid-Week Ponder- Changes

It has been great with the mid-week ponder episodes. I hope you have been enjoying this extra bit of information! It has been a fun addition for me!

A couple of recent changes have been made to the show. Instead of weekly, I have had to reduce to every other Wednesday. Once the whole "it's time return to work, you are no longer off for 2 month during the COVID19 pandemic" was over, so was my extra free time! So I had to cut a little bit to make it work. If only there were more hours in the day.

Also, rather than just pondering infidelity, but rather Taboo topics! So, things such as friends with benefits, whats considered bad in bed, being a sex worker..and other types of things. People send me their thoughts or suggestions as well as their own experiences which allows me to share on the ponder show! Keep 'em coming!!

...and remember, NO JUDGMENT

<3 Rebecca!

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